Our services meet the demands of homeowners that are experiencing foreclosure either by way of taxes owed on the property, by default on a mortgage, or if you just want to sale; we can bring you a peace of mind! These are some of the services that we provide:


         This services consist of our company partnering with the homeowner which will create an opportunity for us to help purchase the property. Homeowner will act as a lender in which homeowner will partner with us by way of seller financing in a second position. As a result, homeowner will have an equitable interest in the property.


       We all know that property taxes can get behind. In some cases taxes that are due become so overdue that repossession is inevitable. The challenges of paying taxes on a rental property or an unwanted property can be unbearable or just frustrating. This is where we can help! Here is how we create a win-win scenario:

1. We make an offer on your property for a considerable price. Depending on the situation we will either offer cash or a equitable interest in the property once title has transferred and sale is final.

2.If the homeowner chooses to retain property we will provide the homeowner an opportunity to repurchase the property via Land Contract.

3. Coordinate sale of property to our Senior Investor Network.


We will purchase your property before your right to redemption has expired. We will help you negotiate with the bank to come to a term in which the bank will release the mortgage for less than what is owed.