Community Capital has been a broker of privately held loans since 2008. In the past 4 years we have increased the amount of purchases through our network of investors in privately held loans by 34%. We work with all grades of credit, secured by any type of real estate nationwide. We purchase notes with balances from $25,000-$3,500,000! We close quickly and don't require any closing cost.

Community Capital is a subsidiary of Community Peace Developers Inc. We have been conducting note purchases for over 5 years. Community Capital possess the capabilities to purchase your seller financed note for cash!

Types of Notes we purchase:

Single Notes

Seasoned or New Notes

Properties of Performing or Non-Performing Notes

First Liens

Ballooning Notes

Real Estate Mortgages

Contracts for Deeds

Land contracts

Small Notes (min. $10k)

Full or Partial Note Purchases

Acceptable Types of Security

Single Family Residentials

Multifamily Property


Apartment Buildings

Commercial Properties


Unimproved Land