Social Housing Provider
We focus on providing Transitional Housing for people that are transitioning from various care facilities . We concentrate on different groups that face challenges in finding affordable housing along with supportive services.
​We have developed relationships with organizations and companies that vision and mission is in parity to ours. These entities help us implement and facilitate supportive services along with affordable housing that we provide.

Innovative Community Development Projects.
​We have developed different programs that will foster and aide the redevelopment of certain areas in the markets we invest. These areas are affected by blight, weak housing markets, vacant and abandoned homes, and residents that are experiencing challenges in finding affordable housing. Our goal is to acquire distressed residential and multifamily housing in order to use as assets to house groups facing difficulty in obtaining housing through our various programs, while placing distressed unproductive property back to productive use.
Business Hours
Monday-Friday 8AM-6PM EST

 Community Peace Developers Inc. ® , Cleveland, OH 44110